Tea tasting

Tea tasting is the process by which we can identify the aromas, colours, and flavours of tea. It aims to unravel how we perceive this combination of stimuli.

Throughout the experience, we will learn how the different types of tea affect our senses. To achieve this, tea is studied before, during, and after the infusion.

Cata de té

Tea services

We organise tea services for private and corporate events. As a standout event, we offer the Argentine Afternoon Tea Ceremony.

You will be served with premium Argentine tea paired with traditional Argentine pastry – maintaining grace and elegance, but with our own personal spin on afternoon tea.

Servicios de té

Tea menú

We provide advice for tea houses, hotels, cafes, and restaurants on proper afternoon teas and pairings.

We develop and arrange personalised menus and tea blends and deliver training for staff.



We deliver training, seminars, and tastings at our venue.

We also provide various workshops, always paired by good tea and pastry.


Special gifts

At Sublime Tea we design and provide special gifts for companies and private events.

Regalos especiales Sublime Té


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